I am an ERP consultant with a passion for Oracle NetSuite, something I accidently stumbled into in 2015. I have spent my career since then consulting for two channel and alliance partners before deciding to make the switch to independent consulting in 2019 for a different challenge.

In the five years I have spent as a NetSuite consultant, I have come across many interesting problems that have either been a great challenge to solve or I have come across a cool hack or trick that can be used time and time again for similar challenges down the road. I always made mental notes of these particular challenges and solutions but never made the effort to note them down digitally to allow me to come back to it when I needed to at a later date.

Creating this blog has long been on the to-do list, and will allow me to document the solutions or tools that I can re-use or just revert to when I need to remember how to solve a problem I had encountered and solved years previous. I’ll predominantly be using it to log it for my own benefit, but if others can make use of it then even better.